Chinese New Year 2019 Messages For Lover, Friends & Family

In the Chinese New Year 2019 Messages culture is founded, the New Year is the ideal opportunity for festivities and joy, the entry of spring and with it extraordinary wealth. Pass on your ardent New Year wishes to your loved ones on the event of the Chinese New Year greetings this year.

With a similar get-up-and-go and splendor that the overflowing New Year Parades in that the Chinese New Year shows, light up the essences of your friends and family with our Chinese New Year Wishes.

Chinese New Year 2019 Messages For Lover


Zài zhè huānlè de shíjié gěi nǐ wǒ zuì zhēn de zhùfú hé qīnqiè de sīniàn, yuàn nǐ jīnnián de xīnnián bǐ wǎngnián gèng cuǐcàn.

In the period of happiness I present my genuine wishes and kind contemplations. May the sort of New Year eclipse all the rest.


Yuàn yīqiè zuì mẹ̌ihǎo de zhùfú dōu néng yòng zhè zhāng hèkǎ biǎodá, zhēnchéng dì zhù nǐ xìngfú, kuàilè, chénggōng!

May everything wonderful and best be dense into this card. I truly wish you bliss, liveliness and achievement.


Yuàn xīnchūn měijǐng yǔ huānlè cháng bànsuí nǐ!

May the excellence and delight of New Year stay with you all through the New Year!


Yuàn míngliàng xǐqìng de xīnnián zhúguāng wēnnuǎn yī nián zhōng de měi gè rì yè, zhù nǐ huānhuān xǐ dù xīnnián!

May the splendid and bubbly sparkle of New Year light warm the days all the year through. Trusting you will have a magnificent time getting a charge out of New Year that is glad all around.


Yuàn xīnnián wèi nǐ dàilái kuàilè, yǒu’ài hé níngjìng.

May the coming New Year bring you bliss, love and harmony.

Chinese New Year 2019 Messages For Friends


Yuàn xīnnián de zhúguāng dài gěi nǐ xiánghé yǔ xǐyuè, zhù nǐ xīnnián chōngmǎn ài.

May the sparkle of New Year light fill your heart with harmony and delight and make your New Year splendid. Have an affection filled New Year!


Yuàn kuàilè xìngfú yǒng bàn nǐ zuǒyòu.

May the delight and bliss around you today and dependably.


Yuàn xīnnián de kuàilè yī nián sìjì cháng zài.

May the delight of New Year be with you consistently.


Yuàn xīnnián bùjǐn shì nǐ huānxiào de shíkè, gèng shì nǐ xīnxǐ de rìzi. Zhùfú nǐ.

May the New Year be a period of giggling and genuine happiness for you. All the best.


Zhù xīnnián kuàilè, bìng yuàn nǐ xìngfú jíxiáng, qiánchéng sì jǐn.

May the New Year bring numerous beneficial things and rich favors to you and each one of those you adore!

Chinese New Year 2019 Messages For Family


Yuàn jiérì de yúkuài bàn nǐ yī̠shēng.

May the season’s happiness fill all of you the all year.


Zhù jíxīng gāo zhào!

May you come into a favorable luck!


Yuàn nǐ dùguò zuì měihǎo de xīnnián!

May you have the best New Year ever.


Yuàn nǐ de xīnnián chōngmǎn wēnxīn, xiánghé, yǔ qīnrén tuánjù de kuàilè, zhù lè táotáo, xīnnián lè wúxiàn.

May your New Year be loaded up with uncommon minute, warmth, harmony and joy, the delight of secured ones close, and wishing all of you the delights of Christmas and a time of satisfaction.


Ràng wēnxīn de zhùyuàn, xìngfú de sīniàn hé yǒuhǎo de zhùfú, zài xīnnián lái dào nǐ shēnbiān, bàn nǐ zuǒyòu.

Much euphoria to you in the up coming year. May the hottest wishes, upbeat musings and well disposed welcome come at New Year and remain with all of you the year through.

Be it companions, family or partners, we have for you the choicest accumulations of significant messages that not just send over your adoration and all the best on the event of New Year, yet in addition express the way that you care about them a great deal and might want to make it known.

So simply flip through our accumulation and let the messages begin streaming.

Top 30 Happy New Year 2019 Messages

1. The New Year, the new schedule and new days are a pristine chance to begin a fresh out of the plastic new life and to end up a vastly improved individual.

2. This New Year may the environment be perfect, the world be better, the light be more splendid with the goal that the world improves as a place for us as well as for the ages to come.

3. This New Year may you have the heart to share love and euphoria with your family and companions, as well as with the world everywhere – recall, sharing methods minding.

4. May this New Year be as brilliant and intriguing as the adornments that you place up in your home to respect the merry season.

5. May you New Year shimmer like the fireworks that light up the night sky to respect the New Year.

6. This New Year may you have the comprehension to acknowledge what you have and how those that have a place with you make your reality brilliant.

7. Count your gifts and destroy childishness this New Year, and this would make you feel cheerful and placated in all circumstances of life.

8. This New Year as you make progress toward a superior and more fantastic future may you always remember the demonstrations of consideration and love that have made you your identity today.

9. This New Year may your grin turn into your logo, your identity turn into your business card, and your demeanor turn into your trademark.

10. This New Year my desire for you is that may your Guardian Angel dependably keep a wide range of peril under control.

11. This New Year may you take every one of the obstacles to your walk and develop a champ by achieving every one of your undertakings.

12. May you generally be honored with the direction and great wishes of the older folks and consolation and fellowship of your companions.

13. May your New Year be as reviving and restoring as a bunch of crisp fragrant roses.

14. This New Year may you never leave the way of confidence, love and expectation.

15. Here is sending your route grin for your lips and trusts in your heart to respect the spic and span Year.

16. May the old year take with it your displeasure, desire and inner self; and may the New Year carry with it unobtrusiveness, modesty and trustworthiness.

17. May the New Year be dynamic with delights that never blur and expectations that never pass on.

18. May you have the insight to gain from the oversights of your past and transform them into something beneficial for your future.

19. This New Year may you have the bravery to act naturally and stay brazen about it.

20. I wish this New Year may you make the most of your snapshots of isolation, yet never encounter a snapshot of dejection.

21. This New Year may Good Luck and Prosperity tail you wherever you go, and may Lady Luck frighten off any setback that was wanting to come your direction.

22. This New Year attempt to bend a specialty for yourself in the sand of time and make your family pleased and elated.

23. Here’s wishing you a sheltered and sound New Year – a year you will appreciate thinking back upon even after a pass of time.

24. You will most likely be unable to keep away from every one of the peculiarities throughout everyday life. In any case, may you have the boldness to confront them head on and develop a victor.

25. The market is being driven by fates related exchanging exercises. Store administrators are not inspired by Hong Kong right now and retail financial specialists are hesitant to stretch out beyond the Chinese New Year.

26. This is the place we exhibit social occasions, for example, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year and the Winter Solstice.

27. For the majority of us, it’s a period for us to get together and talk about our past, present and future. The Chinese New Year is the most critical occasion in China. It’s especially similar to Christmas or Thanksgiving in the United States.

28. Many individuals, they get all got up to speed in the New Year’s goals thing and I think it gives them a simple way, later, to state, ‘Gracious, that was only a New Year’s goals’ and not consider it important. Individuals who truly need to influence changes to can make them any day of the year, regardless of whether it be the Jewish New Year, the Chinese New Year or any day that suits them. You have each day of your life to make changes.

29. Value markets completed a week ago on a perky balance however the resurgent cost of oil and the reality some Asian markets have been shut for the week’s opening session to check the Chinese New Year may make further course hard to discover temporarily.

30. Consistently, we get a huge number of researchers and specialists from abroad, however it is just as of late that the Chinese have started to acknowledge New Year pictures.

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